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Thank You. Mahalo. Kudos.

“It is a pleasure to speak to the work and character of Joel Koetje.  I have worked with Joel on a number of residential construction projects.  And particularly on projects that had a very high level of design and detailing.  Joel has a number of special qualities that make a significant contribution to that type of project.  Not only does he have the team that understands and can deliver that level of detailing, but he has the aesthetic sense of home important that is in the execution of the final product.

He stays completely involved in the construction process to make sure that the work is executed as designed.  He is particularly good at looking ahead as the construction progresses and anticipating questions that need to be answered in a timely manner so that the schedule can stay on track.

He has the ability to understand not only the overall design goals but the owner’s concerns and interests.  He has a very wonderful way of relating to the owners so they understand that he is there to support their project and make delivery the best possible end result.”

I would highly recommend Joel for any type of residential project where design and execution of important detailing is a significant goal.  And finally, Joel is a pleasure to work with.  He makes the construction process an enjoyable one for the architect and the owner.  Which, in the end, is the best of projects.

L. Kay Zovanyi, Architect & Interior Design

“We currently live in Henderson, NV, but used to live on Kauai.  When we decided to build our home there, we searched everywhere for an honest, capable and reliable builder.  To our great satisfaction, we found just the man in Joel Koetje.

Joel was always responsive and attentive to our concerns and needs.  He personally oversaw the construction and was involved in every aspect.  His crew was talented and reliable.  Our home was completed in a timely manner, unlike the homes being built adjacent to ours, which took nearly a year more!”

Jim & Fay Geddes

“When we purchased a 1930’s era cottage in Kekaha, Kauai we were interested in some modernization but did not want to spoil the integrity of the “Island” style.  We engaged Joel Koetje Construction to do the necessary upgrading.  He was spot on.  The result was a cottage with all the modern comforts melded perfectly with the feel and style of Hawaii from long ago.

A few years later, we purchased a lot and decided to build a new home.  We knew we needed Joel again to be our builder.  We had a definite concept in mind and our architect got it on the second try.  Joel nailed it right away.

The majority of our discussions and decisions regarding the property were made via cell phone, fax and computer since we were in Texas during almost all of the construction.  We definitely had opinions on items such as cabinets, counter surfaces, paint and flooring, but needed to rely on Joel to keep us focused on products that would work successfully in an ocean environment.  The wisdom of his suggestions on flooring, roofing, doors and windows proved out in the finished product.

The result was stunning!  Joel finished on time, within budget and provided us with a beautiful home in every way.  Kudos to Joel and his crew!”

Donald & Kay Cram

“I met Joel in 2006 when I was preparing to build my home.  I knew we would have a great working relationship and I am proud to say that today we are still friends…not many folks can say that about their home builder.  Joel is a “value added” type of builder and will routinely suggest things that truly add to the homes’ value and beauty.”

Thom Babcock

“I have had the the opportunity to work with Joel on two different commercial projects over the years: the build out of a retail location at the Hanalei Dolphin Center and just recently the construction of our newest restaurant, The Dolphin Restaurant, Fish Market & Sushi Lounge at The Shops at Kukui’ula.

Joel has simply been great to work with. He listens to what your visions are, understands what the end game should be and makes it happen.  He is very easy to work with , very caring, standing by his word and commitment, and he does not stop until you are satisfied.

I am highly recommending Joel for any commercial or residential construction projects. “

Douglas Allen, President, The Dolphin Restaurants

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